Benjamin Sommer

Photograph: Ice & Warm Air

Ice & Warm Air
Ice & Warm Air, 2013.
What happens when warm air flows around ice, firn and snow? Notwithstanding a geomorphological analysis, artistically we are allowed to observe gently curved surfaces intertwined with appearingly abrupt changes. Convex holes and concave ridges. And these are formed by the warm circulating air currents along the snow surface, locally circulating to increase local holes even more.

And from where originates this warm air? Is it getting stronger, weaker, or is it just distributed differently? To me, this photograph shows how snow melts, how it retreats in being very susceptible. The ice behind appears to remain less susceptible, because physically ice can store a huge specific energy. But this appearance deceives because the mentioned energy is easily transported from melted water, low albedo dirt and warm air.

Personally, I believe we humans can be great in many ways, but due to how our perception of the environment works, we need to put great effort into understanding the essence of non-linearity. And this photograph illustrates just this, we only have to look closer.