Benjamin Sommer

Photograph: Clearity

Clearity, 2011.
During one winter evening, I set out to the nearby national park. I felt practically no wind, and it was getting quite cold. Right after the sun already disappeared behind the mountains, its warming sun rays managed to briefly shine towards one of my favorite lakes again. Just for a few seconds.

Although this is already years back, I can still remember the fresh, wet, cold air, and the feeling I felt during this particular moment. The small, lonely house being already in freezing shadows, the winter walk path being shined upon. Imagine all the animals resting there. The coniferous trees, partly covered in snow, with their billions of needles moving so gently that we simply can not perceive their motion. It is about perception. And some kilometers behind, rising a dangerous mountain - although it does not look like it.

To me, this photograph shows the beauty of silence, of being calm, of resting, to be constrasted with a modern technological society made full of chaos. But we humans need to rest as well. After all, we are part of nature.