Benjamin Sommer


This document lists recent academic publications and other software contributions. In academia, my interest currently focuses on theoretical image synthesis, the endeavor of understanding structures in the phase space, algorithmic efficiency, and (quantum) information theory.


Simulating light transport is demanding. This task brings us to the geometric problem, to the curse of dimensionality, to the (linear) computing problem of a highly non-linear phenomenon, either in the transient or perpetual state. Advancing (in) this endeavor both conditions and contributes to central unsolved problems. Problems, without explicitly stating them now, are important for our future society: from understanding physics, and scientific computing, via entertainment and communication (of thoughts and events), up to redundancy and efficiency in computing (information theory). I personally think that contributions advance (in this regard), if they advance the simulation or understanding of this phenomena.


Benjamin Sommer. "On Bosonic Transport". MA thesis. University of Saarland, 2018.

Benjamin Sommer. "Incremental Light Propagation Volumes In CAVE-Like Installations". BA thesis. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, 2014.


"Project Fallen Marblehall". 2nd Price. Computer Graphics 1 Course Competition. University of Saarland, 2014/2014.

Software Contributions

"bibby - a tiny efficient and effective bibliography tool". Unreleased. In active development. Technical preview expected in 2019.

"LaTeX Editor Themes". Fork of existing themes based on VS Code. Public. Last updated 2018.