Benjamin Sommer

The purpose of this website

This page is about my photographic passion. Here, you can find details concerning copyright and links to community galleries (but which I am not using anymore), as well as personal contact information.

Structures are fascinating. Whether in photography, or in science such as visual computing, theoretical computer science (algorithmic complexity theory), physics or information science. Structures bear information. Whether they are embedded in a 6 dimensional phase space statistically describing the lighting situation, or whether they are projected through a complex photographic process onto a two dimensional surface, either being analogue or digital or printed, structures communicate (because of the information they pose). In one perspective, this is a communication to humans. And more abstractly, they guide, lead or influence algorithms.

The photographs and documents are published for an informational purpose, at parts being idealistic, principal. While art is free, the scientific documents might be perceived to be critical, though importantly this is purely academical, not personal.


Personally, I perceive photography to be an art allowing me to critically deal with our society, my experiences, thoughts and feelings. Originally, it was a rather documentary method in natural environments, acquiring great outdoor moments of lights and structures worthy to be remembered later on. But art is free, like photography. Since recently, I am experimenting with this freedom, questioning tought or thought to be standard principles concerning the photographic process. This starts with the camera parameters, and ends with the printing. My goals is to extend (my) handcraft such that I can express what I imagine.

In the hope of what liberty granted me, I like to share some of my photographs with you. If I may ask for, so I like to ask of you to take the time and effort of viewing the photographs and of reading through the accompanied thoughts and motivations, and trying to understand them. In times of a fast-paced automatised society, this wish might appear as much to ask for. Though, our technological achievements were made because of taking time and effort. I wish you insights from these, and maybe I receive insights in return.

Further concerning the accompanying thoughts, I remember reading that photographs are supposed to tell their own stories, at least good ones. From this, we might conclude that these thoughts are unnecessary. I think they are crucial. Being motivations and interpretations, they raise the handcraft of photography to an art. Being an art, I need to know in advance what to shoot to tell you the message I want to communicate with you.

The presented photographs on this website are usually framed with passepartouts. Just to be clear, these framings are for illustrational purposes and, by nature, can not reflect the real framing, which I usually do with solid wood. Likewise, the photograph looks usually slightly different on a fine-art print than on a display, depending on the printed medium used. As well, I sign each print manually (physically).

Community Galleries

Somehow, I am still present on two community galleries where I published some photographs. However, real-world exhibitions, taking part in photographic discussions and clubs and in contests matters more to me than virtual plattforms for reasons I am going to explain in due time. Though I am not active there, still, you can find me on

flickr galleries:


Besides, I am borrowing the liberty to list published academic documents I contributed to, or just their references due to copyright reasons. Until now, this has mainly been the field of visual computing.


In my private time, I am writing some tools helping my daily life. Of particular note, I think, might be a bibliographic reference catalog tool, which I call "bibby". For this, a seperate webpage exists explaining the details. Whatever software I release, I expect appreciation. Why? Many years ago, I was writing an open source plug-in, and in return I had to experience very few thanks with an abundance of wishes.


Why did I choose English as the language of presentation and communication? Why not German which is my native language? I think the Earth is populated by more people being literate in the English language than there are people considering German. Therefore, writing in English appears more fairer. Besides, I can not afford the duplicate work of a multi-lingual website. And other languages, for instance French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic languages, I am simply not proficient enough in to confidently write and communicate with.


All photographs which I shot are implicitly copyrighted due to being a creative work. Please respect the precious time, the work and endeavour I put into creatively thinking about photographic expressions and moments, where to shoot them, using transportation to get to the place, the technical means (or equipement), and finally the post-processing including Fine-Art prints to check the creative quality I desire.

Please do not simply a) download them, b) transfer them, c) present on your own, d) show as desktop background, e) print on your own, all without my explicit consent.

Since some people on this Earth steal photographs anyway, I only upload small resolutions to make them unusable in most cases.

Photographs are protected by law.

Photographs resemble an act of creativity.


You may write me E-Mails to the address

While I am trying to answer every E-Mail as quick as possible, sometimes this may take a bit longer. How long exactly is tough to state in general. For instance, I may answer the same day, or I might answer within a few days, but rarely longer, though I might be on vacation, or the reply fails in being successfully delivered back.

By the way: I spare you the circumstance of decoding this address from a tough to read picture (remind of those people having impaired vision), or from other creative linguistic complications, like separations with whitespace, or "at" instead of @. Computers crack these "security measures" anyway, so why make our own life unnecessarily tough? Instead, having quite a decent (fatal) spam filter is all what I need. Therefore, it might happen that I will never see your E-Mail, though I was not yet informed that this possibility actually happened, i.e. a spam E-Mail being false positive.

Impressum and Privacy

This is a privacy-content-first website. This means that this server, operated by me (Benjamin Sommer, living in Munich, Germany [I hold the right not to publicly announce the complete address where I live]) and being located in Germany, will not store any user data concerning webpage requests or retrievals. I will never know who visits my website because all humans are equally valued.

Concerning contact requests made by people other than me, this person or group of people need to know about the privacy of these E-Mails: I logically have to use the contained information to reply to such E-Mails. On the completion of these requests, any E-Mails and other data related to it are permanently removed. Irrelevant E-Mails as well as those being private and originating from an unknown sender (not being a friend of mine) will be removed immediately.

All the data displayed on these webpages originate completely and only from this webserver with the domains and No other servers are contacted for the purpose of sending these webpages. And these webpages contain links only to the very same webserver, and no other server.

The webpages are designed to be readable by as many people as possible, young and elder people alike, those having good or bad eye sight (I do care about you). I am only interested to inform you, to show you the content. Design is only used to an extend to aid you in being informed with as much comfort and as simple as possible.

This defines a privacy-content-first website (except for the operator and server location and server name).